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UC Davis Pipette Calibration Program


Purchasing pipette calibration services is easy on the Aggiebuy Marketplace. These pipette service vouchers must be used at the next scheduled service clinic. Purchase only the quantity of vouchers for the equal quantity of pipettes you are servicing at the upcoming onsite clinic – Rainin pipette calibration service vouchers will expire after 30 days and are non-refundable.


Service Location: Harring Hall, Room 1131
2019 Service Dates: March 26
Check back for future dates
Service Products: 30520635 UCD Basic Service – Single (all brands)
  30520636 UCD Basic Service Multi 8 (all brands)
  30520637 UCD Basic Service Multi 12 (all brands)

Here's how it works

Step 1: Determine the quantity of pipettes to be calibrated at the upcoming clinic. Please note the number of single channels, 8-channels and 12-channels.
Step 2: On Aggiebuy, specify the exact quantity of service vouchers for each type of pipette (single channel, 8-channel multi or 12-channel multi) and add to your shopping cart. Important: only purchase the quantity of vouchers you will use at the upcoming service clinic – these vouchers will expire after 30 days, are non-refundable and can't be used at later clinics.
Step 3: Checkout and provide your contact information.
Step 4: After checkout, you will receive an order confirmation email with an order confirmation attachment. Please print your order confirmation document. You will need this document at the clinic.
Step 5: On the day of the clinic, please bring your pipettes to be serviced along with a printed copy of yoeur order confirmation that was attached to the email.



Our Inside Sales team is here to help.

(800) 472-4646, Option 2



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